Pastile prostata fares. Prostata - Fares, 60 capsule (Pentru prostata) -

pastile prostata fares

pastile prostata fares vezi cum să tratezi prostatita cronică

Prostamol Uno ameliorează numai afecțiunile unei prostate mărite, fără a remedia mărimea acesteia. Contraindicații: Administrarea medicamentului pe stomacul gol poate provoca uneori greață.

pastile prostata fares automedicația prostatitei cronice

Compoziție: O capsulă conține mg extract alcoolic purificat din fructe uscate de Serenoa Repens și excipienți. Durata administrării depinde de natură, gravitatea și evoluția bolii și nu este limitată în timp.

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This product is a food supplement, EU manufactured and labelled according to UK laws. Please check if you have allergies to any of the composites of the product and consult your GP if you think it may interfere with any of the medical treatments you are following.

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The photos are for presentation purposes only. Prostamol Uno only relieves diseases of an enlarged prostate, without remedying its size. Contraindications: Taking the medicine on an empty stomach can sometimes cause nausea.

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Composition: One capsule contains mg of purified alcoholic extract from dried fruits of Serenoa Repens and excipients. The duration of administration depends on the nature, severity and course of the disease and is not limited in time. Please only take this product after consulting pastile prostata fares your doctor.

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